About Radicle Services:

Herbal Consultations

Herbal consultations are provided by an American Herbalist Guild (AHG) registered herbalist who is dedicated to sharing plant knowledge in order to guide clients towards increased health. 

Radicle Apothecary

Visit Radicle Apothecary after an herbal consultation for: *available for clients only

  • custom tea blends
  • bulk organic herbs
  • locally distilled  hydrosols & essential oils
  • salves, & more!

Home Health Gardens

Plant-by-plant Radicle Wellness seeks to empower individuals to play a role in their everyday health. Through helping families design, install, & grow Home Health Gardens we aim to increases access to & understanding of medicinal plants.

Community Supported Herbalism (CSH)

We offer 4-seasonal shares of herbal self-care boxes; CSH boxes are $275 for a 4-box yearly-share which includes an herbal consultation! We grow bio-regional herbs & are working toward certification to integrate local herbs into CSH boxes. Products currently use other certified organic plant material. 


Radicle workshops increase individual, family & community knowledge of ways to safely & effectively incorporate plants into your everyday lives. This includes workshops on how to propagate, out-plant, steward, & harvest from a home-scale health garden as well as how to prepare & incorporate plants into your daily routines.

Radicle-ture Non-Profit


Radicle Wellness is working to create Radicle-ture a non-profit that will provide:

- sliding scale workshops

- affordable garden installations

 -a plant voucher program 

($25-$50 vouchers will be eligible for use for herbal consultations/formulations)

plants, stewarded by our communities should be the healthcare of the environment & of the people

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