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Working alongside the body's innate abilities, 

Radicle Wellness partners people+plants to guide client's towards increased wellness.

Herbal consultation are provided by Jen Schlaich , a Clinical Herbalist with a Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism and 

a Registered Herbalist (RH) with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG). 

In recommending and custom formulating herbal products, Radicle Wellness is committed to providing high quality herbs. As the business grows, we are launching a seed-to-apothecary endeavor which is partnering with private land owners to grow more of the plants locally and looking to partner directly with other small-scale producers who care for the plants, the people, and the environment.

Additionally, our Herbal Education programs such as our Home Health Gardens and Community Supported Herbalism 

aim to empower others in growing, harvesting and creating their own health! 

Initial Consult + First Follow Up



1 hr initial session &  30 min follow up session

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Initial Herbal Consult


1 hr session

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Follow Up Herbal Consult


30 min session

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