About Jennifer Ardis Schlaich

With a childhood & professional life spent outdoors, I continue to cultivate a deep respect for nature. Completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies in 2008 from UCSB (with focuses in biotic conservation & small-scale food systems) & a Community Herbalist Certification in 2013 from Pacific Rim College, I have since been immersed in Land stewardship & ‘simple’ living. Over the past 5yrs, I have continued studies via mentorship with Isla Burgess, an internationally renown herbalist, both in-person & via correspondence.  I've acquired >1,600hrs of formal study (not including herbal dispensary work, apprenticeships, product creation & growing/harvesting medicinal plants). Currently,  I am completing a Masters in Science  in Therapeutic Herbalism with a clinical focus from Maryland University of Integrative Health. 

In pursuit to live in a way that honors and renews life, my journeys have included: 2.5yrs as an urban agriculture Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal West Africa, work with the Jane Goodall Institute, sea turtle conservation, heritage seed saving, & ongoing involvement, via the Board of Directors, for the Chimpanzee Conservation Center & Quail Springs Permaculture.

In addition to my work as an herbalist, I have spent the last ten years working in small-scale organic food systems. I currently work full-time as the Food Sovereignty Program (FSP) Specialist for the Bishop Paiute Tribe's Environmental Management Office. As the FSP manager, I am responsible for daily oversight of staff & FSP initiatives that include: 2 gardens, bioregional seed saving, a Community Farmer's Market held at the Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center, youth internships, & regenerative agriculture workshops. 

As the founder of Radicle Wellness I believe that, through inspiring engagement with herbs, local plants, and ‘weeds’, plants are capable of reconnecting humans to their health and the places that sustain us.


(left to right): 

Carmen Adams: Registered Herbalist (AHG)

Isla Burgess: Herbalist & Author, New Zealand

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi: Herbalist & Author, Germany 

And, to so many others including teachers at: 

-the Malango Center of Healers in Fatick, Senegal West  Africa

 -Pacific Rim College in Victoria, Canada & 

-Maryland University of Integrative Health